Revenue Accelerator

You want more out of your practice, but you are unsure of where to start to grow revenue and improve profitability.  If you lack actionable reporting and insight about your practice performance, reimbursement levels and opportunities for improvement and growth, we can work with your team to help take your practice to the next level.  We know what it takes to improve revenue and how to do it.  

Gain Expertiseundefined

Most practices lack the expertise to identify and implement reimbursement and growth opportunities. We bring decades of expertise. 

Combat Shrinking Reimbursements

Many practices suffer from shrinking reimbursements and added costs from increased regulations and complexity.  Compensation models are changing and you need to be ready for the next generation of reimbursement.

Value Proposition

The Revenue Accelerator offers valuable, low cost access to CFO and high level administrative expertise for practice growth. The kind of expertise many practices don't have and can't afford. All the value and expertise at a faction of the cost while keeping your internal billing and office management staff.  Pricing starts at $990 per month per provider.  Practices with advanced practice nursing, ancillary service providers or more than three physicians should contact us for customized pricing. 

Services included with The Revenue Accelerator

  • Customized cloud based monthly practice performance reporting,
  • Evaluation and Management coding comparison to specialty specific national benchmarks,
  • Reimbursement analysis for top codes and top payers,
  • Pricing review,
  • PQRS reporting support and planning for conversion to MIPS in 2017,
  • Billing process review and improvement,
  • Workflow review to identify efficiencies and revenue improvement (onsite visit required)
  • EMR/PM system usage review to identify improvement opportunities (onsite visit required)
  • Practice budget and growth planning.


Billing, Financial and Growth Support for your practice that works with your staff to increase revenue.



What type of practices are good candidates for the Revenue Accelerator?

  • Desire growth
  • Want to measure and monitor financial performance to identify and implement improvements.
  • Practices that lack actionable reporting and insight into practice performance.
  • Practices with low physician compensation for their specialty.
  • RCM operations are complete with internal billing staff
  • Billing improvement opportunities (for example A/R greater than average monthly charges or patient A/R greater than 15% of your total A/R)