Compliance and Quality Assurance

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Our program serves to promote a higher level of ethical and lawful conduct in the work performed by the firm. It is designed to eliminate any potential fraud, abuse and waste through internal controls to more efficiently monitor adherence to applicable statutes, regulations and program requirements. Clients benefit with compliance through accurate advice in regard to practice management, billing, coding and reimbursement related matters as well as overall business decision-making.

Compliance Program

  1. Written Polices and Procedures for consistent operations
  2. Compliance Officer and Compliance Committee
  3. Disciplinary guidelines and corrective action
  4. Training and Education Plan
  5. Communication Plan
  6. Audit and internal monitoring

Maximize coding workflow 

procoder Our national coding group uses proprietary medical coding software, ProCoderTM, containing industry rules built into a Rules Engine with a Coding Analyzer, tools and quality assurance processes built on the foundation from 3M and Ingenix. The built-in reporting tools include analytical data to help healthcare providers improve documentation. The software becomes an online resource for tracking, providing feedback to the provider for education and training and helping to obtain clarification and additional information.


Our Mission

To utilize technology solutions, the firm's resources, expertise and collective experience to positively impact the revenue performance of healthcare practices.

Products & Services

Our single focus is the financial health of your practice. Our products and services support you in generating revenue and achieving financial sustainability.