Turnkey new practice start up


Physician as a member of a specialty group practice made decision to leave the partnership and establish his own single specialty practice with the complement of advanced practice nursing.


To gain control in the direction and level of service provided to his patients through a positive and welcoming environment absent the complexity and political nature of a larger group practice.


Practice generated charges from within the electronic medical record under new billing numbers, new tax identification number and fully established with clearinghouse receiving insurance payments within the first week of operations from patients and insurance. Within the first thirty days, payments were being electronically deposited and electronic remittance properly transmitting generating revenue for in-network services rendered.

Solutions Employed

  1. Secure a practice management solution inclusive of revenue cycle management, technology and expertise necessary to realize revenue for services without delay from transition.
  2. To employ a contracting strategy to avoid disruption in participation status with carriers, managed care companies and health plans.
  3. To establish software solution providing the latest technology, health exchange solutions, and positioned for the future of healthcare giving way to the opportunity to leave behind legacy and fragmented platforms pieced together.
  4. To create an office environment using technology, best practice modeling and business solutions for growth.
  5. Action plan with reasonable and achievable timelines enabling clear communication of steps and work to accomplish goals and target.