EMR implementation led to meaningful use dollars in primary care


Primary care practice operated with two systems, a free standing client server based practice management system along side a client server based electronic medical record. The two systems did not interface nor share data electronically. Each operated on unique servers nearing capacity.


To replace both systems with an integrated cloud SaaS solution to enable reduction in expense and provide roadmap for achieving meaningful use and future regulatory and industry changes seamlessly.


Converted a busy primary care practice having two fragmented systems and implemented a single integrated solution. Monitored reporting and data integrity to attest for the practice to receive Stage 1 meaningful use funds within one year from go live date.

Solutions Employed

  1. Identify and align with a vendor financially stable having a core product line in providing an outpatient ambulatory product offered to the medical community.
  2. To identify a solution capable of not just meeting CQM, PQRS and meaningful use within the EMR but equally functional in features and ability to manage patient accounts having advanced tools necessary for revenue cycle operations.
  3. Define reasonable conversion, training and implementation plan that provides achievable milestones and targets for functional use.
  4. Establish reporting and monitoring to enable Stage 1 reporting and funding.