About Us

Healthcare Revenue Group, LLC is a financial healthcare company providing revenue cycle and practice management services, support and expertise for its clients.  Founded in 1999 (originally as Health Associates, Inc.), we've grown through referrals from our clients, peers, colleagues and other healthcare consultants.  Referrals have been earned through our success, integrity and for doing right by our clients, always. 


Our mission is to utilize technology solutions, internal expertise and collective experience to positively impact the revenue performance of a healthcare clinical practice.


Key Business Milestones Achieved

Year Event Results
2013 Healthcare private equity investment to strengthen and expand service offering. Expanded capabilities by partnering with healthcare private equity investors.
2010 First revenue operations client (from 2001) renewed agreement and commitment with firm. Illustrates consistent, strong performance over a long period of time.
2009 Created 3 separate RCM divisions - Physicians and Advanced Practice Nursing, Academic and Hospital Based Groups. Established a plan for growth and expansion while celebrating 10 years of business built from referrals.
2008 Partnered with a Professional Employer Organization. Strengthened our national presence and enhanced personnel training.
2006 Transitioned into enterprise level virtual environment enabling us to place staff and serve clients throughout the United States. Strengthened operational ability for a national footprint.
2004 Competitive bid win of a 5-year contract with University of Texas Health Science Center – Houston. (a current client of the firm) Demonstrated strength and maturity in our ability to provide our Managed Services and RCM products.
2001 Launched Revenue Cycle Management division of the company. Billing/RCM services to meet the revenue needs of our clients.
2000 Firm received insurance agency license in State of Texas. Expanded consulting role with employer market to engage in employer direct contracting for providers.
1999 Health Associates incorporated. Entrepreneurial resource established to provide a best practices approach in practice management.

Leadership Team

  • Scott Weidemeyer, Managing Partner
  • Kenneth Klingensmith, Managing Partner
  • Dinah McAllister, Compliance Officer
  • Kathy Dunn, Chief Financial Officer
  • Shawn Douglas, Chief Information Officer